Article 15: “Scripture Contemplations : Olympia 1” from the Swan’s Kitchen

I decided a few weeks ago it was time to do something with our photographs and videos. Many of you will know I was a professional photographer from leaving school and was self employed from 1985 until I retired, having set up a full CCTV system in the 80’s in the old Bethshan. We recorded all the services and conferences and had an extensive video library. All the meetings were relayed throughout the building, and the church members borrowed the videos for home groups etc. Marna has always been a keen photographer too, so we enjoy taking video and photographs wherever we go.
Scripture Contemplations: Olympia 1 is a small selection from photographs we took in Elis in the Greek Peloponnese Peninsula whilst on holiday. Olympia is the site of the original Olympic Games. It was originally an ancient religious site.  The Olympic flame is still lit from here every four years and transported to the modern day Olympics. I have just taken a few of these and overlaid them with some well known scripture verses... I have played piano since I was very young and enjoy composing my own pieces which is great with modern technology. I have to confess to being very influenced by the 50’s and 60’s music

Ballade is a new song I have just composed which is more suited to the scriptures.  I hope you will find a blessing in watching this. It is always good to read over a few verses and think about them. Agree with them and ask the Holy Spirit to help you believe, absorb and live them. Some of you may find it easier to remember them with a visual or audio link. I have also included the bible references to help you find them. 

I would hope to do more of these if you find them helpful. Please let me know.

Love and Blessings Jim Swan
by Jim Swan #1, 30/06/2020