Article 32 : Letters from the desk of a Great-Grandfather

I found this on my desk recently and thought I might share it with you.
I didn't write it. I suspect that a great grandmother did.


While Joseph washed his socks one night, 
Before he went to bed,
An angel of the Lord came down
And this is what he said.

"Hello me old friend Joseph,
Or may I call you Joe?
I know that's what God calls you
'Cos he loves you - ever so!

I've got some news to tell you,
You're sure to get a fright,
But please remember when it's God,
It always turns out right.

You know the lovely Mary,
The one who wears your ring?
She's going to have a baby,
And here's the weirdest thing....

Ok! I know! Calm down! Absolutely
Nothing to do with you.
You're a good, sober Jewish boy,
Kosher through and through.

It's all the Holy Spirit, 
God told me - that's the truth.
It's even more fantastic than
Your great - great - great  Aunt Ruth!

I know! I know! It's quite a shock,
Yes, yes, beyond the pale,
And , yes, about as plausible 
As Jonah and the whale!

Something about "overshadowing", 
It's all in God's great plan.
He's always wanted peace again
Between Himself and Man.

The thing is, it can't go ahead
Without you, dear old Joe.
You're such a vital part in this,
Without you, there's no show."

And then the angel disappeared,
And Joseph, quite alone,
Had to make a big decision
And he couldn't even phone....

A friend to help him in his plight,
So all that he could do,
Was dry his lonely little socks,
And think the whole night through.

I'm sure you know the rest of it,
He chose to obey God,
And you and I know well, at times,
That's very, very hard.

So let's hear it now for Joseph,
Let's raise our glasses high
To Joseph, who said, just like us,
God, who? what? when? where? why? 

Three cheers for good old Joseph,
And Jesus - his precious lad.
Be grateful for all that Jesus did,
But remember his lovely dad!

by Peter Scott Blog #9, 17/12/2020